jorgen: I'm not too hot on team stratification. If you're using a team that wants to play at pace X, you want all members of the team to be able to maintain that pace. Oct 20, 2014 4:48:50 GMT 1
jorgen: So I'm basically proposing the miscibility heuristic in teambuilding: like dissolves like. Sweepers and BPers are water-soluble, stall mons want an organic solvent. Oct 20, 2014 5:07:28 GMT 1
jorgen: Of course, such an analogy allows for the troublesome possibility of surfactants... Oct 20, 2014 5:07:30 GMT 1
magic9mushroom: And phase-transfer catalysts. Quaternary ammonium chlorides are so cool. Oct 20, 2014 12:22:59 GMT 1
jawgn: Fleshing out an idea for a BP team. It's basically flowchart gaming to the max. Nov 10, 2014 6:53:50 GMT 1
jawgn: Maybe you'll see it for RoA BOTW if I can get off my duff and schedule that :x Nov 10, 2014 6:53:57 GMT 1
jawgn: actually scratch that i can't do that BOTW anyway. Nov 10, 2014 6:57:46 GMT 1
Isa: Smeargle abuse planned? Nov 10, 2014 18:00:43 GMT 1
jawgn: Yeah. Smeargle definitely isn't auto-win, but the post-Smeargle plan is actually pretty decent Nov 11, 2014 2:48:48 GMT 1
jawgn: Like, your opponent has to have balls of steel to thwart your follow-up setup ideas. Nov 11, 2014 2:52:58 GMT 1
jawgn: Biggest issue is actually finding a way to deal with all the Lax variants out there. Particularly LK Lax, he forces Miracleberry on things that'd like to have Lefties to be able to tank an extra Surf Nov 11, 2014 2:54:27 GMT 1
magic9mushroom: Well IIRC the main things to cover are 1) phazers 2) ST CurseLax 3) Explosion spam. Also what's a BOTW? Nov 17, 2014 5:48:42 GMT 1
piexplode: BOTW = Battle Of The Week Nov 17, 2014 17:19:28 GMT 1
magic9mushroom: since you didn't play the BOTW anyway, could you share the BP team, ? Dec 4, 2014 7:19:54 GMT 1
jorgn: After SPL auction, if nobody picks me up (which is very plausible given my semi-retiredness and explicit refusal to correspond via IRC) Dec 5, 2014 1:26:48 GMT 1
Isa: judging by mock drafts, youll still go for 18k Dec 11, 2014 20:09:54 GMT 1
jorgn: It seems I have cultivated a good personal brand in spite of all the current downsides to picking me. That's nice I suppose. Dec 12, 2014 1:33:19 GMT 1
Isa: Mock drafts were not wrong Dec 22, 2014 4:26:49 GMT 1
piexplode: turns out that back in the dizzay, smogon's GSC forums were called Mount Silver (however, RBY's was Indigo Plateau). Web Archives are interesting things =3 Jan 2, 2015 2:27:08 GMT 1
jorgn: Yep, that's pre-consolidation of old-gen forums. DPP was something special too, and BW was Dragonspiral Tower. Consolidation of old-gen forums happened in like 2012 iirc. Jan 2, 2015 5:43:59 GMT 1
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